Frequently asked questions:

1) I want to save my advertisement but it doesn't work?

This due to the size of the photos you uploaded. The easiest solution is to minimize the photos. If it is not possible to do this on your own, send us an email and we are glad to help you. Email to, specify the categorie of the advertisement and the advertisement itself. We will add the photos to the advertisement as soon as possible.

2) My homepage- and/or topadvertisement are not visible?

There is a delay of a few minutes before the homepage- and/or topadvertisement is visible (circa 10 minutes). Also homepage- and topadvertisements will show up randomly combined with other advertisements.

3) How can I administer my advertisement?

With your email adres and password you can log in to --> my classic cars. Do you have an advertisement but no account yet? Create an account.